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Plan Your Move With These Smart Relocation Strategies

Moving is like a big game of chess. There are lots of pieces that have to be moved around strategically so you can win at the relocation game. And just like chess, you have to come up with a well-thought-out strategy to ensure your move goes smoothly and exactly as planned. This will help you […]

Minimalism: How Your Next Move Could Spark a New Lifestyle

You may feel overwhelmed by all the stuff you have when trying to pack for a residential move. You may wonder: do I really need it all? You may be interested in embracing minimalism, a “less is more” movement that has people ditching all the extraneous stuff and only keeping what really matters. Minimalism is […]

Setting Up a Home Study Space for Your College Student

Virtual classes are the go-to solution as colleges are sending their students home during the peak periods of COVID-19 this winter. This leaves college students and their families scrambling to set up spaces in the home that position the young adult for success as they navigate this new normal. Today’s students are over-burdened with organizing […]

4 Ways to Declutter and Downsize to a Smaller Office

Are you facing an office move soon? While most office moves involve relocating to a larger space, sometimes it’s just the opposite. Whether due to a tighter budget, a forced relocation, or simply a desire to streamline operations and cut costs, you may be looking to downsize into a smaller office space. That’s not to […]

Tips for an Environmentally-Friendly Move

If you plan on relocating soon and you care about the environment, you’re probably interested in an eco-friendly move. Here are some ways in which you can achieve an environmentally friendly move in Dallas and surrounding areas. Pack Efficiently It stands to reason that the more efficiently you pack, the less impact you will have […]

How Much Should I Save Before Moving to Rockwall?

Moving isn’t cheap. If you’re lucky, you can get your boss to pay for your relocation. If not, well, you have to plan and save like the rest of us. If a move to Rockwall is in your future, here are some tips on saving before the big day so you don’t go broke. What’s […]

How to Throw a Successful House Warming Party

You’ve finally settled into your dream house, unpacked all the boxes, cleared out the mess and transferred all the utilities. Now that you’re done with the move, it’s time to show off your new home to family and friends! A house-warming party is the best way to welcome guests into your home and start making […]

Tips for Moving a Refrigerator the Right Way

Moving a refrigerator from one home to another isn’t exactly easy. In fact, many people opt to leave their fridge behind when moving, then buy a new one in the new digs. If you decide to take your fridge with you, don’t take on this challenge yourself, as you could damage the unit, not to […]

Keep Employees Engaged When Moving Offices

Moving is often an inevitable part of doing business. As you grow as a company, so too do your physical constraints. Whether because you found cheaper real estate elsewhere, or you’re expanding or downsizing, you should take your employees into consideration when planning a commercial move. Keeping them informed throughout all steps will make them […]

Pros and Cons of Moving in the Off Season

Sometimes you have no choice in moving at a certain time of year. Other times, you’re in control of when you move. If you’re planning any type of move, whether local or long-distance, you’ll want to consider seasonal benefits and drawbacks to relocating during certain times of the year. The summer season is one of […]