Over the last fifteen years, Around The Clock Moving & Storage has been proud to earn hundreds of satisfied customers. We believe our dedication to customer service excellence will continue to allow us to build many long-standing valuable relationships nationwide. Below we have provided just a few reference contacts, in which these much-valued customers are happy to share their moving experience with you. If you have any questions or would like further recommendations please do not hesitate to contact Around The Clock Moving & Storage at 469-853-0045 or you may request an estimate from this site.

Eadhere Eadger
Eadhere Eadger
I have used Around the clock Moving & storage to relocate my office in the past weekend.The movers were very prompt and worked very hard. I am very pleased with the service and I will recommend to family and friends.
Takisha Yuk
Takisha Yuk
Suped and professional service. Excellent communication Great location with perfect price.Will definitely recommended 10/10
Harrison Bryson
Harrison Bryson
Around the clock Moving & storage is friendly, fast and professional.  We used them twice and were very pleased.
Samuel Soon
Samuel Soon
I am so happy I have elected to use their services, from the first phone call everyone was very polite and helpful.The move went great, movers arrived ON TIME, were polite and very professional. The movers were very careful with my belongings and they made sure the walls and floors were not damaged.Thanks
Marshall Tito
Marshall Tito
The price they quoted me was great and they did the job in the amount of time they said it would take. The packers and movers were wonderful, efficient, and professional throughout.
Parisi antwan
Parisi antwan
Best experience with Around movers.Always provided excellent service.Punctual and friendly. Thanks
Jack Jerry
Jack Jerry
Billy  and his team is great! They are responsive and fast getting the job done. Much better than what I used thanks 👍👍👍👍👍
Heida Glenda
Heida Glenda
Absolutely fantastic service and friendly. They did excellent service all guys professional 💯 recommended
Stephen Bruen
Stephen Bruen
I used Around the Clock Moving in the last month to move from Plano to our new home in Weatherford. Scheduling with Billy was easy and the dates/times that I requested were open. The moving crew (Roy, Scott, Kevin, George) were great and took care of the items (e.g. meticulously wrapped up TVs with moving blankets, cardboard to protect the screens and shrink wrap) as well as the walls/doors. Nothing material was broken during the move. We also used their storage service for several weeks - which was reasonably priced. I would recommend Around the Clock Moving & Storage as a reliable service.
Shana Fultz
Shana Fultz
These guys are the best! Quick response and took a lot of stress off my shoulders. Thank yall so very much!!
Absolutely wonderful service. So professional and quick. 10/10! They were friendly, careful, and did a great job! 🙂
Debora Hanvey
Debora Hanvey
The movers worked very hard. Because of some of the conditions, we had a bit of damage not discovered until after they had left. My husband called that evening and they said they would come by next day to see what the problem was They arrived early and worked to fix everything that was out of sorts. All was made good as new in a very short time. Excellent service and response. I highly recommend this company if you need to move.
Helen Mark
Helen Mark
Order carried out from expert packing to prompt delivery Preston  to Dallas  with in a short space of time. Handlers were excellent, courteous and helpful. Very professional service.Thank you so much!!
Nolan Christian
Nolan Christian
We moved provincially and were very happy with Around the clock Moving storage. The  team did a great job of safely loading, transporting and off loading our goods. Billy gave a good rate and kept us informed of the process and progress. I would highly recommend 5/5.
Absolutely professionally, on time, with care and curtesy. Thank you. We would always recommend Around the clock Moving & storage.
Madeline Medlyn
Madeline Medlyn
This company by far is the best moving company! They helped me out so much! Me and my husband just moved into our first house and the movers we had canceled on us and it became very stressful! Around the clock movers stepped up when we called them and went above and beyond for us and saved us money! If you need a mover definitely go to these guys!
Scott and Jason moved our stuff effectively and efficiently!! We were very pleased with their services and will definitely work with them in the future again!
Halee Prince
Halee Prince
I moved from a third floor apartment today. Scott and George were very quick, but very careful. They were also very kind and respectful. I am very pleased with this company; I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you, guys!
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I have used Around the Clock Moving for every move, since 2009. Billy, the owner, is very personable, dependable, and is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty! The guys always arrive on the scheduled day and ON TIME. With my recent move, Willie, George, and Joseph were professional, protected the furniture and all areas of the house, and worked extremely hard to move and set up everything in a timely manner! This company is the very BEST and I would not choose any other!!

Maria J.

I would like to say that Around The Clock Movers did an outstanding job! The gentleman that came were very professional and courteous and worked very very hard and I highly recommend them to anyone. They had our entire home packed, loaded, moved, and unloaded in a flash. When I called and setup the job with the owner he to was very professional and as well very courteous and new his stuff so again I just want to thank them for the outstanding job

Jose T.

Wonderful moving experience thanks to around the clock moving. They arrived as scheduled, were affordable, they took caution with fragile items and we’re affordable. They ended up needing a second truck and no additional charges. Made moving so easy on us, I highly recommend Around the Clock Moving for your next move!

Alison W.

I was very happy with the hard working and careful movers at Around the Clock Moving. They arrived timely and moved me easily in pouring rain and a long drive to my new home. Everything was set up correctly, arrived safely, and the work was quickly done. I would definitely recommend Around the Clock Moving to friends and family!

Barbara R.

My husband and I used Around the Clock Movers for our local move and they were AMAZING every step of the way!!! We could not be more pleased with their services and professionalism. They were on time, got right to work, only took 1-2 breaks during a VERY long and tiring 13 hour move from one house to another. They even asked ahead if they could take a break, something I was VERY impressed with! They moved everything as quickly as possible, they asked questions about everything we wanted and never assumed where anything belonged. They were extremely courteous and even ran back to the old house after hours to drop off some things that should have been left at the old property, a mistake of the customer’s not theirs. We were so very very pleased with their services, I could not have requested a better moving company if I tried. If you want a fast, professional, damage free move these are DEFINITELY your guys!!! Thank you so much ATCM!!!

Erica D.

Scott, Jason, and Chris were amazing! We moved yesterday and they came and packed up the house so quickly and efficiently. When arriving to the new house, again worked so quickly and carefully. I would totally recommend around the clock movers 100%!!! Hope to use them again in the future!

Tori L.

The crew were hustlers! They were friendly, respectful and courteous. They were very careful moving the larger furniture and nothing broke during the move. They worked a long 12 hour day and never once complained. I greatly appreciate their commitment to see if through. I would definitely recommend Around the Clock Movers to all of my family and friends!

Ashley R.

We initially contacted them to move a grand piano and grandfather clock into a new home and ended up hiring them to do the whole house move. After moving all of our furniture into the new house (many heavy pieces up stairs) there was not one mark on the wall, not one chip in the furniture, and everything went exactly where we wanted. They stayed until we did a full walkthrough and were satisfied. Highly recommend.

Todd T.

I needed to move some appliances really quickly. Went online searching. Every company I spoke with replied with something like, “We’re too busy, maybe later next week.” Then I called Around The Clock Moving & Storage and spoke with Billy. Extremely nice on the phone. He, too, let me know that they were really booked up. Unlike the other companies, though, Billy actually went to the master schedule and found something he could make work.

Blew me a way. A problem solver rather than an excuse provider.

As per our discussion, Billy gave me a call 30 minutes before their arrival. They were their right on time and actually before I could get there. Billy and George were extremely pleasant and helpful. They took care of everything quickly and efficiently. We even built a strong rapport during the move. They were genuinely interested in me and how everything was going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When we got to the destination, Billy and George actually hooked the appliances up, checked to make sure they were working, and offered an invaluable piece of advice to get a zip tie to make sure water pressure doesn’t accidentally force the drain hose out of the drain.

I have never experienced a more wonderful, caring, and professional team than with Around The Clock Moving. I’ve been moving around (military) since 1976. Around The Clock Moving is at the pentacle of tremendous customer service.

Thank you Billy and George. I will be their customer for life.

Jim in Dallas

This is the second time I’ve used their moving services and I would never use anyone else! They work with your scheduling needs, arrive on time, are careful when moving your items, are fast, friendly, courteous and very professional!

Plus their prices are very affordable as well! I highly recommend Around The Clock Moving & Storage!

Megan in Dallas

Julio and Bert did a great job moving two enormous leather couches into my daughter’s apartment. The elevator space was small as was the door way from our house which required them to disassemble and then reassemble them for the move.They were quick reliable timely and very courteous. I recommend this company highly.


My husband and I just moved from NewYork. This was the first moving company I contacted, I just want to give a big thank you to around the clock moving and storage!! We had alot of stuff in our storage and apartment. They was very careful with all of our furniture and protected our floors and stair case. we were very pleased with these professional licensed movers. These guys were in a great mood,this was a long day!!!! my experience was the best. Thanks again so much!!!

Melissa in Rowlett

Excellent experience from start to finish. This company worked my moving appointment in on less than 24 hours notice when the first company I booked cancelled/didn’t even bother showing up. The booking experience was clear and efficient receiving my confirmation with price in writing within the hour. The movers (Chris and Roy) were polite, courteous, respectful, efficient and took excellent care of my belongings and treated them as they were their own. They took care to wrap/pack items to prevent damage and treated items with care. They were careful to place all items exactly where I wanted in the new home.

They took my bed apart for me, unhooked my washer dryer and more and reassembled it in my new home. They even ran a cycle in my washer to confirm there were no leaks. My couch was too large to get in my home so they assembled a pulley and lifted the couch over two stories high. Roy kept saying “we got this Miss Kim, we’ll take care of you” and they delivered above and beyond what I’m certain is not normal.

They went over the charges with me so I could see how they came up with the total cost. I highly recommend and would do business with them again. In fact, I would never use anyone else.

BEST moving company ever!!!!

Kimberly in Dallas

I Would Highly Recommend Around The Clock Movers

I would HIGHLY recommend Around The Clock Movers. My husband and I were stressed with the move and it was nice to have one less thing to stress about. They took care of everything from packing to putting everything back into its place so that we can sleep in our new house that night. THANKS GUYS!!!

Tonya L.

Great Moving Experience

After having a family emergency, I needed to move all my belongings with very little notice. I contacted Around The Clock Movers and they did everything possible to help me get everything done in a timely manner. When the men arrived on the job they were very polite and ensured me that my possesions were in good hands. I was very surprised to see how my things were wrapped and packed into the truck. I would definately recommend them to anyone looking for a GREAT moving experience.

Georgia W.

I Do Recommend Them to My Family and Friends

Around The Clock Movers moved my mom to a retirement home. Thomas, Gary and Scott came out and packed all my mom’s belonging, which was alot. They took the time to work with her to see what she wanted to go where, never rushing her. After everything was packed up – they took everything to three different locations and finally ending up at her retirement home with everything exactly where she wanted it.

I would recommend them to anyone – and I do recommend them to my family and friends!

Sam J.