Complete Guide to Unpacking Post-Move

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The unpacking process after your move may appear daunting, especially after you’ve spent a full day of moving. But the process of emptying all those boxes and positioning furniture means you are turning your new house or apartment into a home! Unpacking is a streamlined process IF you took the time to be organized when packing everything up in the first place. Check out this guide for unpacking post-move.

Separate Boxes by Room

This makes the process easier while at the same time decluttering the boxes and furniture that are just sitting in your living room or at the front door. First, put all your labeled boxes in the corresponding rooms. Hopefully you made an inventory list, so now is the time to ensure all items are accounted for. Plus, this will make it easier to determine which items are going where in the new home.

Essentials Box First

While packing, you hopefully set aside some essential items, such as medication, important documents, cleaning products, etc. You should first clean all surfaces and cabinets before putting things away, particularly in the kitchen.

Begin with the Bathroom

The first thing you’ll likely want after a long day of moving is a hot shower. That’s why the bathroom should be the first room that’s up and running as soon as you move in. Put up the shower curtain, unpack the soap and shampoo, and stack up your towels in the closet. Light a scented candle so your bathroom will start to feel like home.

Make up the Bedrooms

A good night’s sleep will be the second thing you’ll want to do after a move. First priority is to assemble your bed frame. Then, add the mattress and dress the bed with sheets and bedding. Position your dressers and nightstands where you want them, hang up shelving units, and tackle that closet organization when unpacking bedroom boxes.

Set up the Kitchen

Once you’re settled, you’ll probably be craving routine in the kitchen so you can make a home cooked meal and add dishes to the dishwasher. It’s a good idea to sanitize and wipe down the insides of all the cabinets and start unpacking all the essential items such as pots, pans, dishes and silverware.

Sample different layouts when it comes to your smaller appliances until you get the one that’s most comfortable to you. Set the clocks on the stove, microwave, and appliances to get acclimated.

Living Room and Electronics

Next, head to the living room. It can be frustrating to unpack boxes of wires and have no idea what they go to. Label (or at least pack in the same box) wires along with the devices they go with. Set up the couch and entertainment system so your kids can start gaming while you finish unpacking.

Take Your Time

Once the essential stuff is unpacked, you can take your time. Unpacking is a process best tackled in steps, not rushed through in a day.

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