How to Pack Clothes Hangers

When packing for a move, the last thing you may think of is how you will pack and transport your clothes hangers. Many people choose to simply take their clothes off the rack, hanger and all, and dump them in a box, but you can avoid wrinkles and pack more efficiently when you pack your clothes hangers separately.

It’s important to know how to pack hangers as well as apparel efficiently, such as suits, sports jerseys, dresses, slacks, blouses, and even pajamas. Here are some top tips for packing your clothes hangers when facing a residential move.

Packing Hangers: Helpful Tips

Gather up your clothes hangers and start reading! We have some helpful tips on packing these apparel accessories correctly to space the most amount of space.

  1. Don’t pack too many hangers in one box. Each box of clothes should not weigh more than 50 pounds. Be careful not to overpack – hangers can get quite heavy very quickly, so be mindful of the weight of the box so you don’t risk any damage. Use elastic bands to bundle your hangers for easier transport.
  2. Use plastic wrap. Wrap heavy-duty plastic wrap around each bundle before packing them in bags or boxes. Not only will this protect the hangers so they don’t bend, it can prevent the sharp edges of metal hangers from piercing anything else that may be in the box.
  3. Use garment bags. If you have clothing you wish to fold and pack separately, invest in some garment bags. Not only will these specialty bags keep your clothes clean, they will prevent damage from items rubbing against the hangers.
  4. Wrap jewelry in tissue paper. If you have fragile jewelry, wrap each piece in tissue paper and put them in small baggies. Label each bag. By keeping jewelry separate, you can prevent it from getting snagged on your hangers.
  5. Use bendable hangers when moving large amounts of clothes. If you have large amounts of heavy clothing to move, such as formal wear, consider using bendable hangers. This will prevent wrinkles that would otherwise occur if you were to use boxes.
  6. Label each bundle. For each bundle of clothing and hangers, label them according to which room they will go in.
  7. Protect delicate clothing. You can do this by using bubble wrap or packing peanuts before packing your items in boxes, especially where metal hangers are involved.
  8. Use specialty storage containers, bins or luggage. If you will be moving many sets of hanging garments, these items will save space and make it easier to find things when unpacking.


Hopefully these tips have helped as you prepare to pack and move large amounts of clothes on hangers for your upcoming relocation.

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