What NOT to do When Packing and Moving Boxes

moving tape on moving box

It’s true that packing is the bane of most people’s existence when facing a move. It’s time consuming, boring and, when not done right, can have dire consequences for the contents of your boxes. It’s very easy to make critical packing mistakes if you’re not careful. Let’s go over some of those mistakes so you can avoid them when prepping for your Allen move.

Don’t Label Just the Tops

This is a surefire way to get confused later and add to your stress when unpacking in the new home. Yes, you want to label the top and detail the contents, but don’t stop there. Label all four sides so that no matter which angle you’re looking at the box, you can easily spot what’s in it. This also helps when the boxes are stacked, as you can’t readily see the tops.

If possible, place the boxes on a table or counter for easy access to the sides. Color code the boxes with stickers, markers or tape, and correspond each color with a specific room.

Don’t Pack Large Boxes with Heavy Items

Heavy items such as books can get very heavy very quickly. You may assume it’s OK to stack as many as you can in one box, but this isn’t a good idea. Consider that a hardcover book can weigh between two and seven pounds. That can really add up. Overstuffed boxes can weigh up to 50 pounds, which isn’t good for your back or neck. Stick to fewer books in one box, aiming for no more than 30 pounds total.

Don’t Forget to Double Tape the Bottoms

You could have an unfortunate accident on your hands if you fail to reinforce the bottoms of heavy boxes with tape. Broken items could result, which will take time to clean up. Then, you have to repack the box (if it’s not destroyed) the right way, adding to your overall packing time. Do it right on the first attempt and double tape the bottoms of your boxes.

Don’t Leave Gaps

Too much wiggle room in your boxes isn’t good. You should fill each box well so that there are no big gaps where items can shift and possibly break in transit. You can stuff those gaps with towels, packing paper, sheets, clothing or even socks.

Don’t Let the Box Flaps Get in Your Way

Fold the flaps over before you start packing each box for an unencumbered packing process. When finished, fold the flaps back over and seal them up.

Don’t DIY the Job

Don’t have the supplies, time, or patience to pack your own stuff? Hire your trusted Allen movers to do it for you. They will show up with supplies and equipment to ensure an efficient, proper and safe job.

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