7 Apartment Moving Hacks in Dallas

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Moving from one apartment to the next can be an exciting adventure marking the latest chapter in your life. But it can also be one of the most stressful. Here at Around the Clock Moving & Storage, we know a thing or two about residential moves in and around Dallas. We’ll make it a little easier on you and let you in on some helpful apartment moving hacks.

7 Tips:

1. Find Free Moving Boxes

The best boxes can be found at your local big box store or any clothing or grocery store. Some grocery stores make it real easy on you and stack them at the front of the store. Check out the Craigslist free section online as well. Saving money on boxes means you can free up other areas of your budget. The perfect box will be one that you can see over clearly when holding it. Make sure it’s sturdy and has folding flaps and secure bottoms.

2. Keep Clothes on Hangers

Rather than take the clothes off hangers, pack them, then unpack them and re-hang on hangers, save yourself the time and keep them where they are. Simply zip tie the hangers together and wrap everything in plastic wrap or cover your clothes with garbage bags, suggests Apartment Guide.

3. Keep Your Clothes in Drawers

Just like above, this tip saves time and extra steps. If your drawers feature handles that stick out, simply unscrew them and store them right inside the draw so they won’t scratch walls during the move.

4. Color Code Boxes

Come up with a color coding system so you can keep your boxes organized. This will also help your movers know exactly where to put the boxes in the new place. Blue can be for bathroom, red for kitchen, yellow for living room, etc. Post the color code master on a wall so everyone is aware.

5. Pack Dishes Correctly

Unfortunately, the most common items broken during a move are dishes. Pack your plates vertically, like you would with vinyl records, with paper or padding in between. Bubble wrap also works well. Avoid stacking them one on top of the other.

6. Use Towels and Sheets as Packing Material

Linens are big space wasters in a move. Use those boxes for better uses and free up your sheets and towels to act as padding for valuables. Wrap your fragile objects in linens, saving space and money you would normally spend on bubble wrap.

7. Fill Holes with Soap

Most landlords demand a first and last months’ rent along with a security deposit, which you can get back if you leave the apartment in good condition. Holes in the wall are common occurrences for anyone, whether from hanging pictures or an accidental hole from excited kids. Those small holes can cost you if you don’t fix them but who has putty and extra drywall hanging around? Fill in holes with a bar of soap, rubbing the hole with the soap until it’s filled.

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