Finish That Basement Before You Move In to Your Mesquite Home

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With a move to Mesquite looming, you’re likely very excited to get into the home and start making updates and putting your own personal touches on things. If you’ve had your eye on finishing the basement, it’s best you do this before moving in.

Basements that are finished offer extra usable space to your house while boosting property value. Here’s what’s involved in transforming a standard concrete basement into a finished area in Mesquite, the 21st largest city in the state of Texas.

1. Apply for Permits

Due to the fact that electrical and structural work is involved, you have to pull a permit with the city of Mesquite. These rules are in place to protect you against future alterations in building codes and prevent dicey situations that could become an issue if you ever decide to sell your home.

2.     Do Some Cleaning

While you wait for the permit approval to come through, completely clear everything out. This shouldn’t be a daunting task since you just bought it and haven’t moved in yet. If you still need a large area to store your belongings from the old house you just sold, rent a portable storage container on site.

3. Look for Moisture

Basements get water leaks – it’s a common occurrence. But if you fail to inspect the area and do some testing, you could have some moisture damage on your hands that will offset all the hard work you have been doing to make it a livable space. Yes, the inspector should have made note of any leaks, but you should always do your own tests just to be sure.

4.     Gather Materials

Here are some of the materials you will need for the project:

  • ·      Insulation
  • ·      Drywall
  • ·      Paint
  • ·      Flooring
  • ·      Ladder
  • ·      Nail gun
  • ·      Goggles
  • ·      Dust mask

5.     Address Electrical Work

Do this first, as wiring goes behind walls. This is the time to add extra outlets or light fixtures you may want. Hire an electrician for safety.

6. Finish the Walls

If your unfinished basement has basic concrete walls, you need to finish them first, which involves insulating them and then finishing them with drywall.

7. Tackle the Floors

Consider the kind of flooring you want, which will vary with intended usage. Carpet is good for a kids’ playroom for extra cushioning, but if you have a lot of kids and pets, vinyl or laminate may be a better choice because they are low in maintenance.

8.     Finish the Ceiling

If you like how exposed ceilings look, you don’t have to do anything. But if you don’t, consider adding a drop ceiling so you can easily access utilities, or go traditional with a fully drywalled ceiling.

9. Add Aesthetic Touches

Now the fun starts. Put the finishing touches on the basement such as paint and trim, followed by décor, storage areas and furniture.

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