How Much Should I Save Before Moving to Rockwall?

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Moving isn’t cheap. If you’re lucky, you can get your boss to pay for your relocation. If not, well, you have to plan and save like the rest of us. If a move to Rockwall is in your future, here are some tips on saving before the big day so you don’t go broke.

What’s the “Right” Amount to Save?

Some say three months of living expenses. Others say more, or less. The bottom line is, it depends on your unique financial situation, how much you already have saved, and the parameters of your move. This will also depend on how much your new rent or mortgage will cost. Those costs are fixed, meaning you have to budget for them no matter what.

There are other costs you should save up for that will come in handy later, such as the cost of:

  • Furniture
  • Travel time
  • Movers
  • Gas
  • Transportation (subways, buses, etc.)
  • Food/drink
  • Utilities
  • Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance


There are many ways you can save on your move if you plan ahead and become very savvy about your relocation. Here are some tips:

Take Only What You need

You’ll pay by the truckload so why add to that load by packing stuff you don’t need? Do yourself a favor now and de-clutter your space. Throw stuff out, give it away, whatever you have to do to NOT take it with you.

Hire Movers for the Heavy Stuff

Trust us, it’s not worth tweaking your back moving that huge sectional with a couple of buddies. Hire movers for the heavy stuff, and take the small stuff with you in your car. You’re saving money and your health.

Use Free Moving Supplies

Ask friends and family if they have moving boxes you can take off their hands, or hit the grocery store for extra boxes they don’t need.

Compare Moving Companies

Moving company rates can vary by hundreds of dollars, so it’s smart to compare a few before choosing. This doesn’t mean you should always go with the cheapest one, as they may not have the best reputation, and they may not even be licensed. You can’t go wrong with middle-of-the-road.

Ask For a Deal

It can’t hurt to ask! Many moving companies can and will cut you a deal if you simply ask for it. Maybe you can ask for an extra discount if you move during the week instead of a Saturday, for example.

Contact Around the Clock Moving and Storage

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