Upsizing to a Bigger Home in Dallas: The Benefits

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If you’re outgrowing your current home, whether you’re having more kids or your parents have come to live with you, you may be considering the benefits of selling your small home and upgrading to a bigger one in Dallas. Whether you choose to live in McKinney, Arlington, Allen or any other suburb of this large city (population 1.3 million), there’s never been a better time to upgrade your living situation.

On top of getting a bigger house with more room for people and belongings, you can also enjoy a bigger yard, maybe with a pool, and access to good schools, recreational opportunities and more.

To tackle a move of this magnitude, you’ll need to hire an experienced Dallas mover who knows all the neighborhoods here and can make sure this large relocation goes smoothly for all involved. Check out these perks to upsizing to a larger home in Dallas.

Customized Rooms

With more rooms comes the opportunity for customizing the ones you don’t need as bedrooms. Guest rooms are OK, but now is your chance to get creative and customize these bonus rooms to your preferences, lifestyle, and needs, points out Decorated Life.

Not sure how to convert those flex spaces? Here are some cool ideas:

  • Man cave
  • Reading nook
  • Home office
  • Kids’ playroom
  • Den
  • Hobby room
  • Sitting area
  • Home theater
  • Home bar
  • Home gym
  • Luxury closet
  • Game room
  • Dressing room
  • Guest room
  • Study corner
  • Music room or recording studio
  • Dorm for your college student
  • Artists’ studio
  • Full room closet
  • Sewing and knitting space
  • Board game and activity room
  • Spare room for laundry
  • Retreat and meditation space
  • Pet room

More Space to Spread Out

Privacy is at a premium when you have a big family, so it stands to reason that you would want to have some extra space to be alone, do your hobby, read or just relax in peace. Upgrading to a bigger home gives you the perfect opportunity to achieve this goal.

There really is no limit to the possibilities for relaxation, peace, and quiet when you have so many rooms to spread out in. Sometimes each family member wants to retreat to a separate room for calm, while other times the whole family wants to gather in one space (think: home cinema to watch a family movie).

All that extra space is a bonus when you want to host a party or holiday gathering, too.

More Bedrooms

Growing families need more bedrooms. Otherwise, what’s the point in upsizing? You can now give each of your kids their own room, and perhaps even use an extra room for your home office or yoga studio. If there are more spare bedrooms left over, use them for guest rooms, fitness spots, play rooms or craft rooms.

You always want extra rooms on hand in case you decide to have more children, or your in-laws come to live with you in failing health.

More Storage Space

No one ever has enough storage! But it seems the bigger the house, the less storage we have because we tend to fill all those extra spaces with stuff. With increase square footage comes – you guessed it – more room for storage. These spaces can be found anywhere: the kitchen pantry, the living room, closet areas, garages, you name it. Doesn’t really matter where the storage is – you’ll fill it with anything from spare linens to tools to crafting supplies.

More Yard Space

Bigger homes usually have a bigger yard attached to them. Maybe you got a pool with this new home, or an outdoor kitchen with patio. Maybe you just have an expansive back yard where you can put a playground for the kids. Whatever the space affords you, use it wisely.

More space in the yard also opens up new possibilities for your hobbies too. Do you like to garden? Start your own vegetable garden like you’ve always been meaning to. What about golf? You could add a small putting green to practice your aim.

Of course, a bigger yard does come with more upkeep and maintenance, but it will be well worth your time and effort if your family uses that space.

Why Become a Homeowner in the First Place?

If you’re reading this, you probably have been a homeowner for quite some time. You already know all the perks to owning your own home. But if you’re currently renting an apartment and want to have your own home with your own mortgage, it’s time to explore the benefits that come with being a first-time homeowner.

As a Homeowner, You Can Accumulate Wealth

You basically build equity in the home with each mortgage payment you pay to the lender. When renting, though, your monthly payments go toward helping your landlord pay his mortgage. You could be paying your own mortgage instead of someone else’s when you have your own home. And in today’s market, monthly rental prices are pretty much equal with monthly mortgage prices.

As a Homeowner, You Can Retain Creative Control

Owning your own home puts control in your hands. You can customize it to suit your unique needs, making any improvements you want because it’s yours. You can’t make big permanent changes when you rent, though, without the express permission of the property manager.

As a Homeowner, You Can Achieve Financial Stability

You could be sent a letter by your landlord at any time that your rent is going up a couple hundred bucks a month. Your budget may already be stretched too thin. How can you budget for that? Don’t put up with uncertainty in monthly payments. Being the owner of your own home means you have a set payment each month – for the life of the loan (15 or 30 years). This is great peace of mind!

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