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The Best Neighborhoods in Garland, TX

Moving to Garland, TX? There are so many great things about the Lonestar State, and living in Garland is just one of them. Where else can you find cowboys, real barbecue, longhorns, a cultural mecca, diversity, and a sense of pride in where you’re from? We believe Garland is one of the best places to […]

How Much Should You Save When Moving to Plano?

As you know, it’s pretty expensive to move. Not only do you have to hire movers to get you from Point A to Point B, you have to buy a new house in a new community, which may or may not have a higher cost of living than what you’re used to. If you are […]

Upsizing to a Bigger Home in Dallas: The Benefits

If you’re outgrowing your current home, whether you’re having more kids or your parents have come to live with you, you may be considering the benefits of selling your small home and upgrading to a bigger one in Dallas. Whether you choose to live in McKinney, Arlington, Allen or any other suburb of this large […]

How Much Should I Save Before Moving to Rockwall?

Moving isn’t cheap. If you’re lucky, you can get your boss to pay for your relocation. If not, well, you have to plan and save like the rest of us. If a move to Rockwall is in your future, here are some tips on saving before the big day so you don’t go broke. What’s […]

Finding the Right Neighborhood for Your Next Move

Even if you know which town you want to live in next, it can be tough narrowing down your choices to a particular neighborhood that’s right for you and your family. From the quality of the school system to proximity to your workplace, there are many factors that play into this decision. Let’s go over […]