How to Pack and Move Your Comic Book Collection

collection of comic books

Moving is stressful enough on its own, but when you add in priceless items such as your comic book collection, it takes on a whole new level of concern. Some things, like lamps and artwork, can be bubble wrapped, put in boxes and transported with relatively little fuss. But other items, such as vintage comic books that can rip or wrinkle, you need a bit more TLC. Take the time now to properly pack your comic books, and ask a specialty mover to help.

Gather Supplies

First, you’ll need to gather the right supplies. Look for boxes that are a tad taller and wider than your books. Keep in mind, a standard comic book measures 10.25” tall by 6.625” wide. This means you will need boxes that measure between 12” and 14” tall and 8” and 10” wide. Most comic books weigh two to three ounces, allowing you to snugly fit 100 1/8-inch one comics in every box after adding cardboard between each one. The result is a box that weighs less than 20 pounds, which is relatively easy to carry.

You’ll also need wrapping materials and backing boards. Look for cardboard backing materials that are acid-free, coated on one side, and made specifically for comics. Pick up some polyethylene comic book sleeves as well. Stay away from polypropylene sleeves, which can create static electricity and result in sticking. Backing boards and sleeves typically come in packages of 100. You will need them.

Pack Up the Books

Start off by separating and preparing each comic.

  • Place a backing board at the back of each one, making sure the coated side faces the comic.
  • Put each comic into its own sleeve, folding the top down.
  • Close the flap with a piece of tape.
  • Cut pieces of cardboard into one-eighth of an inch larger on both sides of your comic.
  • Put one along the front and one along the back.
  • Use tape on each side to secure it.
  • Use balled-up newspapers as padding on the bottom of the boxes. Do the same to the sides.
  • Place each comic upright against the another till filled.
  • Use more newspaper to fill the gaps.
  • Close and tape the box.
  • Label the box.
  • Do not place weight on the boxes to prevent crushing.
  • Don’t stack boxes.

Be sure to tell your movers about which boxes contain comic books so they can take extra care. If you are that concerned about damage, you can always take the boxes with you in your own car for the move.

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