Tips on Moving Into an Apartment With No Elevator

couple taping moving boxes together

Moving can be an exciting adventure, and depending on where you’re moving to, it can also bring some unexpected physical challenges as well. If you’re planning a residential move into an apartment building with no elevator, you will have to take these challenges into consideration – not just for yourself but for your movers as well.

The lack of elevators is actually quite common in apartment buildings with three or fewer floors, as most aren’t required to have them. Here are some tips to heed when moving into an apartment with no elevators.

1.    Purge

Without the assistance of an elevator to get your boxes and furniture up and down, it’s wise to purge your stuff now rather than later. After all, the fewer items you have to bring with you, the less laborious the process will be. De-clutter your belongings ahead of time, donating, selling, trashing or recycling what you don’t need. You will thank yourself later!

2.    Don’t Take Furniture

Furniture is challenging to move, to say the least — even with access to an elevator. Can’t be hassled with moving heavy and awkward items? Leave them behind where possible. If your landlord says yes to you leaving behind a fully-furnished apartment, go for it.

3.    Disassemble the Furniture

If you do decide to take some furniture with you, disassemble it first. Remove drawers and unscrew legs so you can better maneuver them up and down the stairs. Wrap furniture and other awkward items in blankets or bubble wrap to prevent damage to the item and your floors/walls.

4.    Use Equipment

Make sure you have access to moving equipment such as dollies. This will be invaluable when trying to transport lots of boxes of furniture pieces at once. Hand trucks can be rolled up and down stairs, but it’s best to have a buddy with you for guidance. One person should remain at the front to pull it, and another person should be at the back for support.

5.    Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Why risk your back or neck when you can use safe lifting techniques and avoid a trip to the doctor’s? Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Plant your feet wide enough apart so as to maintain a stable base
  • Use proper back posture
  • Rather than bending with your back, bend with your knees
  • Apply a firm grip to heavy items before lifting
  • Wear work gloves for better grip
  • Hold heavy items close to your waist

6.    Wear Good Shoes

Moving day is not the time to wear flip flops or sandals. Wear sneakers or other supportive footwear, and leave the open toed shoes in your suitcase.

7.    Hire Professional Movers

Moving into a building sans elevators means a lot of backbreaking work will be involved. This is why you should leave the labor up to professional movers – especially a company with relevant experience in apartment moves.

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