How to Protect Floors and Carpets When Moving In

woman sweeping new home with moving boxes in the background

Protecting your floors and carpets when you relocate from one home to the next is of paramount importance. If you don’t guarantee this kind of floor protection, there’s a better chance that property damage will occur on the day of your move. If you are responsible for covering the repair costs incurred by floor damage, any mishap will mean more money comes out of your pocket.

In addition, failure to protect your floors and carpets may also cause you to lose extra time, increasing the stress you’re feeling on top of it all. When you figure in the combined loss of money and time, you will soon realize the importance of protecting your floors when moving. Here are some tips.

1.  Don’t Drag Anything

First rule of thumb? Never drag furniture or other heavy items along the floor. This can easily damage the delicate flooring surface, resulting in dents, scratches, or broken tiles. Instead, carry all lighter furniture pieces such as chairs and ottomans, and use rubber-wheel dollies and furniture sliders for the heavier stuff.

2.  Use Furniture Blankets

Use thick blankets to cover up the edges of furniture pieces, appliances, or other heavy items. This extra padding will cushion the blow of any impact if a heavyweight object accidentally drops on the floor.

3.  Use Sturdy Boxes

Don’t cheap out when it comes to boxes. Utilize strong cardboard boxes that can take the weight of whatever you pack inside them. Use caution when using free moving boxes because any original strength they may have had will have declined quite a bit from the previous usage. You may also want to use tape to reinforce the bottoms so the contents don’t spill out onto the floor. Don’t overfill your boxes, which makes them too heavy to carry around.

4.  Pick Up Some Furniture Sliders

Use furniture sliders to protect hardwood floors when you have to move heavy stuff across a room. Sliders will minimize or eliminate the friction between the furniture and the floor. Place one slider under each furniture leg and then push gently toward your destination.

5.  Place Doormats in Strategic Places

Place one doormat in front of the main entry way to your home, and another one after the door. This will catch a lot of the dust, dirt and other debris that could be tracked in and scratch your floor. You will also want to use old area rugs or blankets to place on high-traffic areas to provide further cushioning.

6.  Wear Shoe Covers

Wear booties over your shoes to keep your floors and carpets clean.

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