How to Survive Moving Day in 10 Simple Steps

woman sitting while holding new white shoes

The days leading up to moving day are certainly overwhelming. But nothing beats the actual Moving Day in terms of stress levels. To prevent potentially catastrophic results when it really counts, heed these 10 steps to ensure your survival.

Step 1. Secure Professional Help

The best way to prevent snafus from happening on moving day is to let professionals handle it. Hire a reputable residential mover in your area so you can move house efficiently, quickly and most of all, safely.

Step 2. Get Non-Professional Help

In addition to professionals, you also need some amateurs behind you as well. These are typically close friends and family members who don’t mind watching your kids or pets while you direct and organize, or who have no problem emptying out your fridge for you. These people will provide you with the emotional support you will need to get through the day.

Step 4. Keep Up Your Energy

Moving Day will require lots of inner strength, fortitude and energy. It’s exhausting to move, but you can expect to be going, going, going all day from morning till night. To ensure you have the stamina to make it through the day of your move, get a good night’s sleep beforehand and be sure to have a healthy breakfast before starting. Don’t forget to stop for frequent breaks during the day to stay fed and hydrated.

Step 5. Get Up Early

There never seems to be enough time on moving day to get what you need to get done. Time management, then, is crucial for the success of your relocation. This is not the day to sleep in. Wake up early and get going.

Step 6. Dress for the Occasion

How you dress for moving day will make or break your success. Wear your most comfortable clothes but definitely not your best. Avoid baggy clothes and open toed shoes. You’ll need sneakers with anti-slip soles. It’s also a good idea to dress in layers, as you can get quite warm as the day goes on with all the physical labor.

Step 7. Make a Survival Box

Also referred to as the Open First box, this box should only contain vital items that help you survive that crazy period between leaving your old place and setting up shop in your new one. Take this box with you in your car; don’t put it in the moving truck.

Step 8. Keep Children and Pets Busy

Moving day is dangerous for small children and pets. They can easily get trampled in all the action, or they could wander outside and get lost. This is where your friends and family come in. Ask them to keep your kids and pets occupied, or better yet, have them take them away for the day.

Step 9. Make Sure Exit Paths are Clear

This is an important safety measure that can prevent moving day accidents. Walk along the expected exit paths beforehand and make sure they are clear of obstacles.

Step 10. Be a Good Host

Moving day takes a lot of physically exhausting work. Reward your movers with cold water breaks or perhaps some lemonade and light snacks. Be there when they show up and give them a tour of the home so they know what to do.

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