Moving Checklist


Regardless of whether you are moving across the country or in your own hometown, moving can be an extremely stressful time in one’s life. For that very reason we have designed this checklist for you to use as a guideline during your moving process. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your next move, feel free to contact Around The Clock Moving & Storage at 469-853-0045 or you may also request an estimate from this site.

Here is an easy timeline you should be following for the most productive and stress-free moving experience:

Six to Eight Weeks Before Moving Day:

1. If your employer is paying for your move, be sure to check their moving policy to determine exactly what services are authorized to be performed.

2. Do you want to do your packing or will it be done by professional packers?

3. Be sure and show our move estimators everything that is to be moved. This will prevent unexpected expense on moving day.

Four to Six Weeks Before Moving Day:

Be sure to notify your local post office of your intent to change address. Click here for the form.

Make a list of friends, relatives, business firms, creditors and others who should be notified of your move.

Here is a printable checklist of who should be contacted.

Two to Three Weeks Before Moving Day:

1. Be sure to let us know if anything has been added or subtracted from your original bid of contract.

2. Notify us if there are any changes in move dates.

3. Confirm any extra stops required to pick up or deliver goods to a location other than the main pickup or delivery locations.

4. If there is a car being moved, be prepared to drive it to a suitable place for loading. Also, be prepared to pick up your car at its location.

One to Two Weeks Before Moving Day:

Decide what to do with house plants. Around The Clock Moving & Storage can not be held accountable should they suffer from lack of food, water or light due to moving.

Below are some ideas you may find helpful:

– Give them to friends or relatives.
– Donate them to a hospital or other organization.
– Include them in a garage sale.

Make sure you return library books and anything borrowed from friends or neighbors, and collect things you may have loaned.

Final Details to Remember on Moving Day:

Be sure to do a final check on all closets, cabinets, and storage lockers for any articles which may be overlooked.

Take one last look around before leaving. You should be checking or the following:

– Is the water shut off?
– Is the furnace shut off?
– Are all light switches turned off?
– Have all the utilities been arranged for disconnection?
– Are the windows shut and locked?
– Have you surrendered the old house keys?

One Week After Moving Settling Checklist:

1. Check with your new post office for mail being held and request for delivery to start.

2. Check state requirements for auto registration and a driver’s license.

3. Be sure to cover such matters as wills, transfers of property and investments, insurance regulations, inheritance laws, taxes, etc. Most laws affect a family as soon as residence in the new state is established.

If followed precisely this checklist can provide both a stress-free move and a happy new beginning entering your new home. If you have any questions or would to schedule your next move, feel free to contact Around The Clock Moving & Storage at 469-853-0045

Thank you for your interest in Around The Clock Moving & Storage. We look forward to serving you in the future!