Moving Timeline Checklist

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When you have a move on your calendar, it can seem like you’re counting down to a new beginning. With that excitement comes fear of not being able to get it all done in time. Here is a handy checklist of what to tackle, when. Being organized and prepared means you can face moving day with confidence.

Two Months Beforehand

Organize your move. Invest in some folders and files where you can keep all the paperwork related to the move. Take notes in a designated notebook. Sort through all your belongings and separate into three piles: donate, throw away and keep. Now’s the time to research moving companies. Ask about rates, years in business, and services offered. Purchase supplies such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

You’ll also want to register your vehicle with your new town and state, being sure to sign up for automatic reminders of tax payments and license deadlines. This will eliminate the hassle of paperwork when you visit the DMV for a new license and plate.

Call the USPS or go online to notify them of your new address. This way, you’ll eliminate that gap in service that frequently occurs with moves. The United States Postal Service allows you to request mail forwarding for up to a year when you submit a Change of Address form.

One Month Beforehand

Contact the utility company and notify them about your new address and move-in date. You don’t want to experience a service interruption that could leave your lights off or your heat off. This includes gas and electric companies, but also contact your phone, Internet and cable company as well. You’ll need to update your billing info.

Register to vote at this time. Head to town hall in your new community and fill out the necessary paperwork. Ask about local voting locations, rules and upcoming election dates.

Scout out a new doctor for yourself and family. Don’t wait until you’re moved into the new place, because those colds and broken bones can come on quick! You don’t want to be scrambling for a new doctor and make a hasty choice you’ll regret later. Call a few different primary care providers as well as specialists to narrow down your choices.

Call the insurance company and find out about appropriate coverage for your new home and everything in it. You will have to transfer your homeowner’s and auto policies to your new address.

Cancel subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, gym and more.

Notify your children’s school and get medical records for your family, says

One to Two Weeks Beforehand

Start packing. Start with one room before moving on to the next so you don’t get overwhelmed. Clearly label all boxes with the contents and which rooms they should go into when at the new place. You can even color code your boxes with different colors assigned to different rooms, such as red for the kitchen and blue for the office. Pack your antiques separately and securely.

Clean the house as you go. The new owners don’t want to move in to a mess, just like you don’t want to face that situation in the new digs.

Dispose of hazardous materials such as paint and propane properly.

Call your mover to confirm the moving date and time.

Pack a kit of essentials to take with you in the car during the move, not the truck. This should contain things you can’t live without for a day/night, such as phone, snacks and comfort items for kids, diapers, prescriptions, electronics, etc.


Moving Timeline Checklist

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