Pros and Cons of Moving in the Off Season

Sometimes you have no choice in moving at a certain time of year. Other times, you’re in control of when you move. If you’re planning any type of move, whether local or long-distance, you’ll want to consider seasonal benefits and drawbacks to relocating during certain times of the year.

The summer season is one of the most sought after times to move, and understandably so. The weather is warm and the kids are out of school, making it an ideal time to uproot your old life and begin a new one. It also happens to be the busiest time of year to move, when moving companies charge their highest prices and you may struggle to find an open slot in which to book your relocation.

Moving in the off season may be better for you. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with moving in the winter.


The main benefit of moving in the off season is versatility. Most moving companies aren’t as busy, making them more adaptable concerning your move. Additional advantages include:

  • You can ask for a particular mover or moving agent.
  • There will be a smaller amount of traffic on the roadways for faster delivery.
  • You’ll experience a savings in cost, as well as adjustable price options.
  • You’ll get extra attention and assistance from your movers.
  • You’ll receive more help from other businesses related to your move, such as the utility companies, post office, home furniture delivery companies, etc.
  • You won’t spend as much on moving materials.
  • You have the ability to make last-minute modifications and adjustments.
  • You’ll pay less for storage facilities.
  • You don’t have to contend with cold weather and any freak weather events such as ice or even snow.

Consequently, you may find that home prices and apartment rentals are more affordable in the off season. So, overall, it may be good to move at this time.


Depending on where you move, weather conditions can play a big part in how good your moving experience is. Consider:

  • Stormy or freezing conditions mean you will need additional packing care.
  • Your family and the movers are likely to track in dirt and debris while moving into your brand new place.
  • You will have to take your children out of school mid-way through the school year and enroll them in a new one.
  • You must undergo extra preparation to get the new residence warm, updated and generally move-in ready.
  • There may be an overlap with the busy holiday season.
  • Selling your existing house may be more challenging in the off season.

In the end, the time of year in which you move is entirely a personal choice. There are benefits and drawbacks to both, but, in general, if you’re looking to save money and get the appointments you want, moving in the off season is a great choice.

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