Tips for Moving Your Garden

backyard garden with flowers

You may be moving your home, but who says you have to leave your garden? Why not take it with you (or least part of it)? After all, you’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your garden, only to leave it behind for the new owners to take over. The worst part is, you may know they’re not green thumbs and you can’t take knowing your garden will go to waste later on. No worries. Here are some tips to taking your garden with you when you move. It begins with enlisting the help of a specialty mover.

Know the Risk

Think long and hard about this decision. It’s risky to move plants and flowers because you are never certain if the roots will take hold in the new locale. You will have to think about the climate in which you’re moving to and research whether the plants will thrive there. If you’re uprooting from New England to Arizona, for instance, it’s a pretty safe bet that your garden won’t be compatible in the new digs thanks to the extremes in temperature. Remember, change is hard for your plants. Make sure it’s worth the move.

Establish a Temporary Home

If you’re like many people, you move in the summer, which is actually the worst time to move plants. That’s because the heat can dry out the roots. To ensure your plants will survive the trip, you’ll need to give them a temporary home upon arrival. This may not be possible if you live very far from your new home. But if you’re close by, it’s wise to dig simple trenches so you can insert your plants immediately upon arrival.

Uproot Your Plants

The uprooting process begins with a good soaking. Make sure they are well watered before attempting to uproot them so as to keep the soil moist, says The Garden Helper. Use a trowel or shovel to dig a ring around the root, while keeping the root ball intact with plenty of soil on it. Moisten a burlap sack and encase the root ball. Next, place it in a container, bucket or planter.

Let’s back up just a bit here. Before digging out the plants, it’s prudent to take off a third of the plant’s stems and foliage so they can better survive the transplant.

Packing the Plants

To prepare them for the move, make sure they are packed securely and are the last items placed on the truck. This will ensure that they will be the first off the truck so you can get them into their temporary beds fast. Make sure your movers secure the planters so they won’t slip and slide during the ride. Reputable movers know the importance of delicate plants and will take all necessary measures to ensure their safety. Before transplanting them in their temporary home, make sure the trenches are fully watered as well.

To ensure maximum water retention, make sure your soil contains a combination of peat moss and wood chips.

When you have established yourself in your new home, you can take the time to create a more permanent garden with your favorite plants.


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