Your Complete Glassware Packing Guide

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If you have a lot of fragile items such as glassware to pack up for your impending move, you know the task in front of you will be time consuming. Taking the time to properly pack your glasses and dishes will benefit you immensely, as that extra effort will ensure your items get to the destination in one piece.

From the sorting process to the actual packing job, here are some tips on preparing your glassware for the trip.

Gather Packing Supplies

For this, you’ll need:

  • Boxes: When packing standard kitchen glasses, you’ll need cardboard boxes with thick walls and sturdy cardboard for extra protection.
  • Paper: Before putting your glasses in the boxes, you’ll need soft paper for wrapping each individual piece, not newspaper.
  • Bubble wrap: This will provide a second layer of protection, so pick up a few rolls.
  • Packing tape: This will help you reinforce the packing boxes so nothing breaks open during the move.
  • Markers: You can use just black or use a color coded system to properly label all boxes.

Sort the Glasses

Go through your glasses one by one and start grouping them by things you no longer need, things you can donate and things you will take with you. Once you’ve determined what will make the trip with you, sort further by type, such as tumblers, wine glasses, juice glasses, margarita glasses and more.


Using packing tape, reinforce the bottom of each cardboard box. Crumple up some newspaper or packing paper and place at the bottom of each box as yet another layer of protection to absorb shocks during transport on the truck.

Take a kitchen glass and place it in the center of a stack of packing paper, then grab two sheets from one corner and tuck them inside the glass piece. Repeat for the other corners so that you have completely covered the glass. Use some tape to secure the wrap job. If you are packing stemware, you may want to use additional protection with bubble wrap. Standard juice glasses don’t need that extra step.

The way you arrange the packed glasses into the boxes will make all the difference. Arrange the wrapped glasses tightly one after the other. If you have space for a second layer of glasses, place some bubble wrap in between the top and bottom.

Finish by tucking paper and bubble wrap into all open spaces inside the box. Tape the box securely. Don’t forget to label what’s in each box, with the destination room and FRAGILE written clearly on the side.

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