5 Items a Specialty Mover Handles

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Moving big stuff is never easy, especially on your own. But it’s super simple if you hire the right people. This is where specialty movers come in. Now, this task becomes a stress-free experience because you don’t have to risk your back, your neck, or the integrity of your walls and floors, by moving heavy stuff by yourself.

Here are five heavy objects that a specialty mover will handle.

1.  Pianos

Whether you’re trying to move an upright piano or a grand piano, this large instrument needs extra TLC so that it arrives at your new place safely and in one piece. There are a lot of moving parts to a piano, from the keys to the legs, that can easily break if not moved correctly.

Even the smallest piano can weigh between 300 and 500 pounds, and a grand piano weighs much more — up to 1,200 pounds. A piano takes two professionals to move, maybe more if there are stairs and awkward spaces involved. A professional knows exactly how to disassemble your piano, transport it, and then put it back together again. They show up with all the right equipment, such as skids, tools, dollies, straps, and pads, for safety and efficiency. Plus, they use special boards that can move hundreds of pounds across a floor without incurring damage.

2.  Large Pieces of Furniture

Large pieces of furniture, such as sectional couches and king-sized beds, are extremely heavy and should be moved by a professional moving team. Other items you should let them move include heavy, dense pieces of wood furniture as well as furniture made with heavy marble or other natural stone. This will keep you from throwing your back out, to be sure, but it will also protect the items themselves from damage. You likely spent a lot of money on that ornate dining room set and wouldn’t want to see it damaged due to amateur moving attempts.

3.  Safes

Large safes and gun safes can weigh hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Even if you somehow managed to move it a few feet, how would you ever get it down the stairs and hallways and into a moving truck without dropping it? This can pose a big safety risk to you and any of your friends who attempt to move it with you.

Professional movers will take the proper precautions to move these heavy items. For instance, if you have a gun safe, your movers will first remove the door and handles, wrap them in plastic and blankets, and then put them back on later in the new place.

4.  Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are notoriously tough to move because of their weight and all the associated parts. They have to be completely drained before moving, so be sure you are prepared for the movers to do their job.

5.  Pool Tables

Pool tables are heavy and expensive, with many awkward parts. Damage can occur too easily to the legs and felt if you don’t take it easy. Legs can be removed and then reassembled later on.

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