New Year, New Home? Tips for Tackling a Move in 2020

couple putting together furniture in living room

The holidays were crazy. You didn’t have time for a move then. Now you think you may just be ready after the craziness of December. Now seems like a calm time to take on a residential move. With the new year comes a dream of owning your own new home. Considering a move in 2020? Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition this year.

1.  Start a Calendar of Goals

While you may not be ready to move just yet, if you have a general idea of when you plan to tackle this task, you can create a moving calendar of goals. This will help keep you on track as you progress. Doesn’t matter if your dates aren’t set in stone yet; starting your checklist now that incorporates specific goals allows you to better plan out projects you need to do before you can relocate. With a manageable timeline, you remain focused on goals so you aren’t overwhelmed when you’re down to the wire.

2.  Declutter as You Go

If you haven’t already done so, taking down your holiday decorations and lights is a perfect time to de-clutter. Take stock of what you have, what you no longer need, and what you can toss or give away. Of the things you decide to keep, consider packing them in moving boxes as you go. This will save you the hassle of repeating this chore in a month or two – especially useful for seasonal items that you won’t need till next holiday season anyway.

Then, when it’s officially time to move into your new home later in the year, you’ll feel more organized and accomplished.

3.  Identify Seasonal Maintenance Projects

Over the next few weeks, pay special attention to small maintenance projects that should be addressed, such as loose railings, squeaky door hinges and missing downspouts. These are quick fixes, meaning you can easily check them off your to-do list now without worrying about them later. Plus, taking care of nagging maintenance issues at this juncture translates to a smoother home inspection for potential buyers later on.

4.     Go Neutral

Your home is unique. You likely brought your own style and character to the home when you originally bought it. However, just because you love your bright-orange bathroom or dark purple bedroom doesn’t mean it’s going to appeal to buyers. In preparation of listing your home, go through each room and consider repainting the ones that are too loud. Use neutral colors to attract buyers, with off-whites, beiges and whites being best. It’s either you do this now or wait till your real estate agent inevitably asks you to do it later.

5.     Start Searching For a Moving Company

While your move may not be happening right away, you can start the ball rolling in terms of searching for the right moving partner. It could take a while, when you factor in the time to research, narrow down choices, get in-person estimates, etc. Planning now will help you budget for the upcoming move, as you will have a better idea of pricing and can start socking away money.

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