5 Tips for Moving Office Furniture

woman holding box in office with plant inside

Moving your business to a new location is certainly an exciting prospect because it usually means you’re growing and need more space, but a move of this magnitude is also very challenging. There’s lots to do beforehand, such as transferring utilities, informing your vendors and employees, and packing. But here are some tips on how you can stay organized when it comes to ensuring a seamless move while keeping your belongings safe from damage.

1.  Hire Experienced Commercial Movers

The first step is to hire movers that are actually experienced in moving offices like yours. Office moves are usually more complex than residential moves, so you definitely want professionals that specialize in this area. They will have the necessary equipment and expertise to get even your most valuable items (computers, phone systems, A/V equipment) as well as large items (kitchen appliances, conference room tables) out of the old place and into the new unscathed.

2.  Tell Your Employees of the Move

Once you have a date in mind, tell your employees of the impending move. This will allow them to plan around the move, finish up their pending work, and start packing up their individual offices. Provide each person with boxes so they can pack their cubicle or office contents a couple of days before the move. Encourage then to take their own personal belongings and supplies with them in their own car rather than packing them on the truck.

3.  Clean Out Storage Areas

Moving desks, shelving units, and filing cabinets can be extremely heavy to move if you don’t remove all the paperwork and supplies within them. This could cause injury to the movers and damage the units themselves. This is why it’s best to take some time to empty these cabinets out beforehand. Designate trusted employees to handle these tasks, packing and labeling boxes to keep track of all supplies and important documents.

At this time, you can also shred paperwork or update it digitally to save space.

4.  Disassemble All Pieces

Unbolt and disassemble all shelving, conjoined desks, cubicle dividers and any other furniture that can be minimized for transport. Put all screws, bolts, and accessories in plastic baggies, label them, and tape them to the appropriate furniture.

5.  Make a Floor Plan

Once you know which pieces of furniture you want to take to your new office (you can’t always take everything!), it’s a good idea to visit the new location to determine the placement of each item. Sketch out a floor plan or create one on the computer to help you visualize the placement. Place a note for the movers at each doorway regarding which pieces of furniture need to be placed in each room and where. This will save you time and hassle later.

It’s even better to take measurements of your furniture and tape off where each piece will go on the floor with masking or painter’s tape. This way, you can quickly make adjustments at the last minute if you have to.

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