Minimalism: How Your Next Move Could Spark a New Lifestyle

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You may feel overwhelmed by all the stuff you have when trying to pack for a residential move. You may wonder: do I really need it all? You may be interested in embracing minimalism, a “less is more” movement that has people ditching all the extraneous stuff and only keeping what really matters.

Minimalism is a simpler way of life, whereby you consume less and become more creative with the space around you. If you think it’s about time you reduced your carbon footprint by consuming less, you’ve already taken the first step! Minimalism is especially popular with millennials, a generation that has the highest debt in recent history.

Minimalism and Moving

The goal of minimalism is to keep a clean, clear living space with fewer distractions so it’s easier to focus on what’s important. Most people purge before moving, tossing what they no longer need and keeping what they do. You can take this a step further by amplifying the process so you get rid of much more than you keep. This is a great time to consider what you truly want and need in your life and what is just “stuff.” Take this opportunity to rethink daily interactions with your possessions and what can be cleansed.

Things you can probably part with, no problem, will include trinkets, old greeting cards and junk drawer items – basically all the stuff you hide when guests come over. Don’t rush things. Take the time to hold each item and think about its value. Do you really need that coffee mug you got from your boss 10 years ago? What about that ugly sweater you haven’t worn in years? Donate anything that’s still in good condition.


To really start paring down before a move, you’ll need to categorize. It’s best to categorize by room so you can unload organized and labeled boxes into the correct rooms. Now, it’s time to get rid of duplicates, scale down certain collections (utensils, etc.), and purge your closets. If you haven’t laid eyes on something in years, it’s a pretty good bet it’s time for it to go.

Now, the point where most people get tripped up is the sentimental stuff: pictures, letters, childhood drawings, old movie stubs, concert tickets, and the like. If you are having a hard time letting go of something, especially something large or cumbersome such as artwork from your kid, consider taking a photo of it and making a digital tribute later, while tossing the actual item.

Begin a New Lifestyle

Now that you have packed only the essentials, you can start living minimally. Take this last chance to determine what you have, what you no longer need and pledge a new lifestyle. It can be easy to start accumulating more stuff once in the new house, so stick to your guns!

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