6 Tips for a Profitable Moving Sale

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With a move in your immediate future, it’s a no-brainer to get rid of any unwanted stuff before you move so you don’t have to pay for things you won’t need. Moving is also a costly venture. So, rather than just junk everything, why not hold a moving sale to make some money while you’re at it?

Here are six tips for managing a profitable moving sale. With any luck, you’ll even have some fun!

1.  Team Up

The measure of success of a moving sale is how much money you can make and how many people you can attract. Just having one small lonely yard sale for yourself won’t get you the attention – and money—you’re looking for. You need to make it great. This is why you should ask your friends and neighbors if they want to team up and hold one huge sale. You’ll save on advertising costs, plus each family can have their own table of stuff and collect individual profits.

2.  Advertise

Thinking ahead is vital to getting people to come to your moving sale. Thus, the proper advertising is a must. Advertise online, on social media, on virtual yard sales and on sites like Craigslist. Advertising in the local newspaper can help for all those old-timers who still scour the newspapers for yard sales – however, it can get costly to advertise in print. This will depend on your budget. Tip: wherever you advertise, post plenty of photos.

3.  Put up Engaging Signs

Put up signs and posters in the neighborhood and at the top of adjoining streets to inform passersby of your impending sale. Make them clear, make them bold and make sure they have arrows and addresses. Tip: Use big black letters on bright backgrounds, such as yellow or white.  Use the same color themes and designs on all posters for consistency. Write the dates and starting times. Saturdays and Sundays are historically the best times to hold moving sales. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. is a good time frame to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

4.  Arrange Items Systematically

Organize your items as if they were displayed inside a store. Each item should be properly grouped, categorized, arranged, priced and labeled. Don’t just dump all the stuff out onto the table and expect people to have to ask you the price of everything. Worse, this will make a big mess because everyone will just rummage through till they find what they need. Keep like items together and make sure they’re clearly organized and visible.

5.  Price Items Correctly

Reasonable pricing is vital to the success of your garage sale. Too high and they won’t sell. Too low and you won’t make any money. A good rule of thumb is 30% of the retail price. Take the time to price everything out individually. Use stickers or tags and keep amounts in simple increments of $1 and 50 cents. Keep plenty of change on hand to break large bills.

6.  Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

To minimize stress and maximize profit, you have to make people feel comfortable spending time at your sale. Lure them in through the strategic placement of attractive items near the street. Come out and engage with your visitors and welcome them to your yard. Don’t just sit in a lawn chair and stare from the garage.

Offer bottled water or lemonade – for a fee of course. Put on calming music and make chit chat with everyone who stops by.

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