How to Set up the Perfect Workout Space in Your New Home


Making the decision to build a personal fitness room in your new home is a great way to commit to healthier lifestyle. No more getting in the car to go to the gym. Now, your gym is just steps away! Moving into a larger home has given you more options when it comes to space utilization, so it stands to reason that a home gym is a great use of that space.

But how do you set it up? Designing a versatile space for a truly effective workout routine can be difficult, particularly when you are not yet equipped with all the machines and weights you want. But there’s no need to break the bank on setting up a home gym. Fortunately, the most efficient and simple exercises eat up the least amount of space. This is the perfect opportunity to personalize your gym space according to your personal taste.

A Space That Inspires Activity

Your surroundings will make or break your motivation to work out efficiently as soon as you step into the room. If you’re working with a small space, or one without the natural light afforded by windows, you have to get creative. Don’t be afraid to incorporate lots of energizing décor, as well as recessed lights, a bright coat of paint and vibrant colored accents.

Give Yourself Space

No one wants to work out in a cluttered space with lots of equipment taking up every square inch. You don’t need a lot of fancy gadgets and machinery to get a good workout. A jump rope and some steps will work just as well as a treadmill or exercise bike, plus it gives you a lot more room for stretching and strength training. Select a few dumbbells, a medicine ball and a mat and you’ll be all set. You can always add pieces as you go.

Add a Mirror

One great way to add the illusion of extra space is to put in a large mirror along one wall. Your reflection will also inspire you and motivate you to keep going. You’ll also be able to spot small imperfections in your posture or technique that you can correct immediately.

Protect Your Floors and Joints

Workouts can be tough on floors, but those same floors can be just as tough on the body—especially if you’re working out in the basement on concrete. Ideally, you need flooring materials that will absorb the impact that results when you jump, run and move around. Without a forgiving floor, all that energy travels back up through your feet and legs, resulting in injuries such as shin splints and sprains. Add inter-locking foam mats to protect your feet and muffle sound.

Add Storage Units to Stay Organized

Add cubbies, drawers or even floating shelving systems that don’t take up precious floor space. If you enjoy watching workout videos as you get fit, add a shelving unit that frames a wall with a mounted television. Here, you can store your DVDs, remotes, props, water bottles and other supplies.

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