After the Movers Leave: Finding Cleaning Services

Once the movers have hauled away all your stuff and you’re left to look around the place, you realize you’re going to have to clean it thoroughly if you want to get your security deposit back or meet the conditions of your home sale. The last thing you want to do is clean up a space you’re moving out of soon, but it’s something that has to be done.

Here are some helpful tips about cleaning after you move out.

Cleaning After Movers by Yourself

If you’ve decided to just clean up on your own without hiring professionals, you’ll have to come up with a checklist of steps to ensure you don’t miss anything.

  1. Get rid of all the trash. After the movers leave, you will be left with empty boxes, unused packing material, and just plain garbage and unwanted things. Throw it all out before you even think about cleaning.
  2. Buy cleaning supplies. Pick up some all-purpose (abrasive and non-abrasive) cleaning products, along with specialty products for each room of the house (bathroom sprays and kitchen disinfectants), and bleach.
  3. Start with wardrobes, drawers, and kitchen appliances. If you have any furniture remaining in the house or apartment, clean that first. Use the appropriate cleaning agent for each item, such as all-purpose cleaners that get the grease and dirt off kitchen appliances, or foaming sprays that work best on bathtubs and sinks in the bathroom. Use furniture polish on all wooden surfaces.
  4. Vacuum the carpets and wash the curtains. Go room by room in a methodical fashion.
  5. Clean the floors, walls, windows and doors. Use wood-friendly polishes and cleaning products for hardwood. Gently wash down the walls with rags, warm water and mild soap. Use cleaning products and rags on windows, sills and doors.
  6. Tidy up the outdoor areas. If you have a yard or small garden, tidy it up. Pick up any garbage, do some light weeding and rake up some leaves.

Choosing Professional Cleaning Services

If you just don’t have the time and patience to clean up on your own, hire a cleaning service. Get a few quotes from a few companies and choose the one with the most affordable price and best reputation. You won’t want to spend even more money on cleaners after you’ve just spent money on movers, but try to find the most affordable rate with basic services.

Check each company with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), read online reviews, and ask family and friends who they use for cleaning services. Ask about payment in advance. Some want a deposit, while others will take it all at the end. Some offer per-room rates while others offer whole-house rates.

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