If the Shoe Fits, Pack It: How to Pack All Those Shoes for Your Move

When packing for a move, you’ll have to face your closet sooner or later. That means facing the heaps or boxes of shoes, sneakers, boots and more that you have accumulated over the years. Since shoes are bulky and heavy to move en masse, this would be a good time to go through them all and get rid of what you don’t need.

You may be tempted to throw the rest in one big bag but there should be a method to your madness. Check out these tips on how to pack shoes.

Sort Them Out

If you want to look forward to a seamless unpacking job later, it’s crucial that you sort out your stash of shoes first. Lay out all the shoes you own (have family members do the same in their own rooms). Then go through them pair by pair until you have three more piles: one to keep, one to sell or donate and one to trash.

You can donate or sell the shoes that may be slightly out of fashion but in otherwise good condition. Anything with rips, tears, missing sole chunks, or stains should immediately be thrown out.

Once you have a pile that you will keep and move with you, sort those by season and type. For instance, group all summer sandals, flip-flops and water shoes together. Group formal shoes like high heels and dress shoes in another. Make another pile for hiking or working out, and still another pile for everyday shoes.

Don’t forget to leave out a pair of good, supportive sneakers for Moving Day. Everything else can be packed.

Clean Your Shoes

If your shoes have just been thrown into the closet and not kept in boxes, they will have a noticeable layer of dust on them. Take this time to clean them off. Use a soft damp cloth to gently remove dust and dirt, then let them dry fully. Make any small repairs needed at this time and replace worn laces.

Prepare Shoes for Packing

Stuff some crumpled packing paper into your shoes so they retain their shape during the move. Don’t use newspaper due to the risk of ink transfer. If you have them, pack your shoes in the original shoe boxes they came in. Don’t pack them in plastic bags due to moisture retention, which can lead to mold.

If you have the original boxes, place one large sheet of paper on the bottom of the box, wrap each shoe individually in packing paper, then secure with tape. Cover the wrapped shoes with the bottom layer of paper. Cover the box and label it clearly.

If you do not have the original boxes, grab a high-quality medium-size cardboard box and place a sheet of paper on the bottom. Wrap each shoe separately, then nestle them together and roll them both in another piece of paper for extra protection and to keep them securely together. Fill the box one set after the other, starting with your heaviest boots and shoes first. If you have space at the top, fill it with crushed paper, then tape and label the box.

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