Your Guide to Professional Packing

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Your household move is fast approaching and you’re starting to panic. How will you get everything packed in time? We’re here to ease your mind, give you pointers, and show you how to do get it done right. There are many considerations that go into packing, and one of those is time — or lack thereof. If you need to save time, consider hiring professional packers to handle all that hassle.

Why Hire Professional Packers?

From lack of time to specialty items, there are many reasons to hire a mover:

  • Lack of time. If you have months ahead of you to prep for your move, you likely don’t need to hire a packer. However, if you are moving in a quick time frame and something’s gotta give, packing should be it.
  • Lack of experience: Is this your first move? It can be confusing and time consuming to get everything packed the right way.
  • Too much stuff: Like most homeowners, you likely have a lot of stuff to pack. It can seem downright overwhelming, even if you’ve already pared down the piles and given some away. Let your professional movers handle all this, thanks to their speed-packing abilities.
  • Fragile, heavy or awkward items: Trying to pack specialty items like antique furniture, pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, artwork, collectibles and more can be an exercise in futility if you don’t do it right. Pack wrong, and you can cause damage to your prized possessions.
  • Long distance moves: Spending hours and days on the road puts undue stress on your belongings. A professional packer can ensure they make the long journey all in one piece.

Advantages of Professional Packing

From quality packing materials to safety precautions, there are several benefits to hiring a professional mover to pack up your belongings. Check out these advantages:

  • Quality packing materials: The cost of packing supplies and the time you need to procure them can be prohibitive for even the most seasoned packer. You may have success in finding some free boxes, but you won’t find nearly enough for your entire move, plus those grocery store rejects are flimsy and unreliable. Professional packers will come equipped with all the high-quality packing supplies you will need, from boxes and bubble wrap to blankets and tape.
  • Speed and efficiency: Professionals do this day in and day out. They know what they are doing! Watch as they move like a well-oiled machine, packing with speed and efficiency to get your stuff out of the house and on the truck in no time.
  • Safety: Packing everything yourself can pose safety risks, especially if you don’t pack/wrap/stack things the way you should. Experienced packers are fully aware of all the safety rules and efficient packing techniques that will protect all types of household items, says The Moving Blog.
  • Insurance: When you hire packers to pack your belongings, they are responsible for any damage that occurs due to the insurance coverage present. When you pack yourself, and something happens to your items related to a sub-par packing job on your part, you are responsible for the damage.

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