How to Fold Your Moving Boxes for the Most Secure Move

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A successful move is a safe move! And the safety of your move starts with sturdy boxes. Of course, you’ll also need licensed and insured movers to ensure those boxes are moved properly with no damage. It may sound like a simple task: folding moving boxes?? But you’d be surprised how easy it is to get this wrong. And the last thing you want is for your items to fall out the bottom of an ill-secured box.

To avoid damage, you need to know how to correctly fold, pack and tape your boxes.

Assembling Cardboard Boxes

When purchasing boxes, they will be flattened, which means it’s up to you to fold them into their final shape while securing their bottoms. To do this, you’ll need packing tape and a pair of scissors.

  • Determine which side is up. Look for symbols or arrows that indicate which side is the top.
  • Place flattened box upright, flipping the top flaps down flat against the box.
  • Open the box, pulling the corners away from each other. The tabs that connect the flaps will lock them into place.
  • Flip the box over so the bottom flaps are pointed up.
  • Fold the bottom flaps down.
  • Place tape along the seam at the bottom flaps, making sure it covers two to three inches extending up the sides of the box.
  • Now you can flip it over and start adding contents.

Closing the Box

Now that the box is packed, you need to close it properly. Make sure you haven’t over-stuffed the box. Keep in mind, it shouldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds. There should be no bulges or any items sticking up over the top.

Fold the small flaps first, followed by the larger ones. Push down in the middle so the flaps flatten as closely as they can together. Shake the box gently. If you hear shifting inside, open it back up and cushion any gaps with packing paper.

Place tape down the seam between the top flaps so it extends over the sides of the box. Make two parallel lines near the ends or run some tape diagonally.

Now that your box is properly packed and sealed, you can label it with the contents and the destination room.

If you don’t have any tape on hand, you can still securely fold a box. You can interlock the flaps, you can use many layers of plastic wrap, you can use ropes or straps, you can use heavy duty staples, or you can use hot melt glue.

Remember, proper assembly, packing and securing of boxes is key to a safe move!

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