What to Do When Your Preferred Moving Date Isn’t Available

Mover helping family moving house

It’s always best to book your move as soon as you can. By doing this, you are assured of the best time slots and rates. But sometimes, it’s impossible to plan ahead. If you have been faced with a last-minute office or residential move, you may find that your preferred moving date just isn’t available. What can you do? Here are some tips to cope with this situation.

Push Back the Closing Date

If you are selling your home but can’t get your moving date of choice, you may be able to work with your real estate agent to push out the closing date; closing delays may happen for any number of reasons, says the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). So it’s fairly common to compromise with the buyer. They may be willing to push out the closing date a bit if it means they can close the deal.

Rent Your Home Back

If you are still involved in the negotiation phase of a house sale and are faced with arranging a later moving date, you could rent back the home from the buyer. This will allow you to retain possession of the home for a longer time period and simply pay the buyer your mortgage payment, homeowner’s insurance (PITI), and property taxes. Just remember, everyone’s situation is different and there are varying state laws and regulations, so always speak to your legal or financial advisor before exploring this option.

Consider a Short-Term Apartment Lease

If you are planning to leave an apartment and buy a home, you may have to negotiate your apartment lease with the landlord or leasing agent. Ask if you can extend your living arrangements on a monthly basis until you can get the moving date you need. If you are getting pushback from the landlord, just emphasize what a model tenant you have been and how you will continue to be a responsible renter until you are able to leave.

Try Alternative Work Arrangements

If you have to move for a job relocation, get in touch with your human resources department to find out if you can come to a modified working arrangement, such as a delayed start or remote start. Many employers, especially these days, are willing to be flexible.

Call Around

One moving company may not have the slot you need, but another may have one. You should be calling around for quotes anyway. While you’re speaking to them, ask them if your preferred moving date is available. If not, you can rule them out and keep looking until you find one that has the necessary availability.

Contact Around the Clock Moving and Storage

Here at Around the Clock, we do all we can to ensure you get the most convenient time slot possible for your upcoming move. Start out with a free quote when you contact us at 469-853-0045. We can work out a mutually agreeable date that works for both parties.