Tips for an Environmentally-Friendly Move

couple unpacking their moving boxes

If you plan on relocating soon and you care about the environment, you’re probably interested in an eco-friendly move. Here are some ways in which you can achieve an environmentally friendly move in Dallas and surrounding areas.

Pack Efficiently

It stands to reason that the more efficiently you pack, the less impact you will have on the environment. Use fewer boxes and other packing materials so you waste less and throw away less by the end of your move. Better yet, use containers you already have to pack your stuff in, such as luggage, plastic bins, dresser drawers, gym or duffel bags, and reusable grocery totes.

Another tip: Line your small bathroom trash bin with a new garbage bag and use it to place items from underneath your sink. Get creative with your packing materials, such as using clothing or socks to store breakable items.

Do Your Part to Downsize/Recycle

Take some time to get rid of any items you no longer need. Throw away things that are broken, torn or in a state of disrepair. Recycle items that can be recycled. Give away items to local charities that are still in good condition but that you no longer need. Or, if you’re looking to make some extra cash to pay for your move, hold a yard sale one Saturday.

Gather the Right Supplies

The cleaning supplies you use during your move and once you have moved into your new home have a big impact on the environment. Purchase environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies rather than petroleum-based supplies which can harm the environment. Use homemade solutions when possible to save money, with ingredients ranging from baking soda to white vinegar to essential oils.

Leave the Kitchen for Last

Don’t pack up your kitchen right away. If you pack all your dishes and flatware, you’ll be forced to rely on plastic plates, cups, and utensils to get by until moving day. Leave out just enough items to get you through the process so that you aren’t tempted to use non-sustainable materials for meals.

Make Fewer Back and Forth Trips

If you are moving locally, you may be tempted to make several small trips back and forth with your car. Forgo the small trips and hire professional movers who can get all your stuff to your new home in one truck ride.

Cut Down on Junk Mail

Once in your new place, start de-cluttering your mailbox by cancelling unneeded subscriptions and signing up for electronic bill pay from your credit card and utility companies. Inform family and friends of your new address through Facebook, text or email rather than sending out cards.

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