What Does a Specialty Mover do in Dallas?

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Whether you have gym equipment to move, or an armoire or piano to move, the prospect of moving these items on your own can be downright daunting. You likely don’t have the muscle, training or equipment to get these items out of your old house and into the new one unscathed. That’s why you need to hire specialty movers in Dallas for this task.

But what exactly does a specialty mover in Dallas do? Read on to learn more.

Items a Specialty Mover Handles

In general, specialty movers will handle anything that is large, bulky, fragile or awkward. Here are some common items they will haul out of your home for you:

  • Big and bulky items: If you have a refrigerator, washer, or dryer that’s too large to fit through the door, you will need to partner with a moving team that can safely get them out of your house without causing damage to the appliance, door frame, floor or walls. Specialty movers are trained to handle these tasks with ease. Sometimes they may have to remove the door, or dismantle the appliance as needed, but the end goal is to safely get the item out of the house and onto the truck.
  • Special furniture pieces: Let’s say you have a large antique armoire, ornate China cabinet or a floor to ceiling glass cabinet that has to be removed from the premises. You can’t possibly move it on your own without it toppling over or breaking in some way. Even some standard residential movers won’t touch these objects for the liability and difficulty they pose. This is when you need to call in specialty movers who can handle these furniture pieces with extreme caution. That’s because they arrive with the tools, equipment and knowledge to remove these special pieces for you safely and securely.
  • Very heavy items: These items can include anything from pianos and hot tubs to gym equipment and more. Sometimes these items can’t even fit into standard moving trucks or vans. Improper transport can cause damage or dislodge crucial components, rendering then useless. For instance, pianos are very delicate, with strings and keys that could be damaged, making it play out of tune or requiring a major repair. Specialty movers know exactly how to transport these items, and may even dismantle some parts, such as spindles and hardware, to safely get it out of the home.
  • Pool tables and other large pieces of sporting equipment: Specialty movers come equipped with large trucks that are able to handle the weight and girth of a billiard or bumper pool table. They also have the proper straps and other tools to secure it properly to the interior of the truck so it makes it to your new home undamaged. They may have to remove pool table legs or pockets, but the end goal is the same. They usually will offer to re-assemble the table again once in the new digs.
  • Historical and specialty items: Specialty movers will move expensive museum pieces, artwork, sculptures, tradeshow stock, healthcare equipment, electronics and much more.


Transport Methods

You may wonder: how will my specialty movers transport my items? Some use standard moving trucks and vans, but in the event an object is too large or heavy, they may have to use cranes and flatbed trucks. It’s important to let your mover know ahead of time exactly what large items you have so they can plan for the transportation.

Most specialty overs will come out to your house before moving day to assess the situation and take measurements. They can also provide advice as to how they will pack and move artwork. For instance, you don’t want to wrap oil paintings in regular paper because it will stick, says Real Simple.

In addition to the mode of transportation, such as a truck, specialty movers bring special crates, wraps, pallets, and tie downs. They may need a flatbed to move certain items, securing those items with ropes or straps. Other items need special crates, which your specialty mover should also be able to provide. Pallets make it very easy to move large and bulky items around.

How to Prepare For the Arrival of Your Specialty Mover

Just like with standard movers, it’s important to be prepared for their arrival. This will ensure moving day goes smoothly and that there are no surprises on either end.

First, provide your specialty movers with as much information as you can prior to their arrival. Let them know exactly what you need transported, and if possible, give them the dimensions. They will likely want to visit your home beforehand and take their own measurements, but have these numbers handy just in case.

This way, they will know what equipment to bring and how many workers. This will also help them give you the most accurate and fair estimate so you can plan out your budget in advance. It’s a good idea to get multiple quotes from many moving companies so you can be sure to find the right fit.

When you tell your specialty movers the exact size, type, shape, and dimension of your objects, they will arrive with the proper knowledge on how they will safely package them for the trip. This will also help them determine how many trucks and what sizes to bring. Don’t just tell them you need to move a piano. There’s a big difference between how an upright piano can be moved and loaded into the truck vs. a grand piano, which are much wider and heavier, not to mention more delicate.

Moving specialty items doesn’t have to be daunting when you have specialty movers behind you. Movers like we have here at Around the Clock are professionally trained and certified to move fragile, large and awkward objects in the easiest and safest way possible. Investing in specialty movers now will ensure your prized large items do not get lost or damaged.

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